Death is not a topic most of us are comfortable talking about, but it is important to plan for end of life. We know that death is inevitable and comes to us all. When planned, you can ensure that you have the money to cover the funeral so your family isn’t left with even more burden. How much does the average funeral cost?

Average Cost of a Funeral in Brooklyn

Many factors weigh heavily on the costs of a funeral. This includes the chosen funeral home brooklyn ny, burial service, headstone, type of service, etc. On average, a funeral costs about $7,000, although it is easy to spend far more than this amount on a funeral if you want a few extras or upgrades.

More Funeral Expenses

Keep in mind that other money is also needed for the funeral. The cost of a headstone, the hearse, flower arrangements, the clothing for the deceased, etc. are additional monies that you must fork over for a funeral. Plan accordingly for these expenses.

Pre-Pay for a Funeral?

There are pre-paid funeral plans available. Many people use these plans to ensure they get the funeral they want. This might be an option that you wish to make or at least consider. Your funeral is the final time to do things your way on this earth. Make sure that it goes the way that you would want it to go with the prepaid plan options.

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Life Insurance is Available

Life insurance is also available to help cover the costs of a funeral. The money from a life insurance policy can also be used to provide your family with a nest egg to survive with. This is especially important if you are the breadwinner of the family. It is a good idea to compare life insurance policies ahead of purchase.